John has been passionately creating jewelry for over 40 years.
Largely self-taught; he acquired knowledge, skill and techniques sometimes through unlikely sources. His passion for “rocks” started at a very your age. Family trips out west and an uncle who was a geologist fed this intrigue. As a young adult, a friend’s father, who was a dentist, would demonstrate techniques with impressions and tools. Early adulthood found John welding bicycle frames for Trek, as well as corroborating with another friend who also was beginning to discover jewelry design and creation. Courses at the Gemological Institute of America fine-tuned his knowledge of gems and setting techniques.  John would go onto to win numerous awards for his designs at the state level, as well as nationally and internationally. In 2001, he was honored with the prestigious Spectrum Award, as well as a Platinum Guild Award.

John’s creations range from organic and sensual, to bold and geometric. His designs are inspired by a combined intrigue of sculpture, architecture, and nature. His preferred method of creating lies in the lost wax process. Jewelry designs are hand carved from a block of wax that he sculpts into the final design. This design will morph many times throughout the sculpting process. Because of John’s need to feel the materials with which he works, CAD and three dimensional printing would never be an option.

It’s an incredible task choosing gems for our artist “palette”. We celebrate the art that is mother nature’s. During any given time, the gems in our collection vary, depending on what nature makes available to us. 

Tourmaline has always been a favorite for all the color opportunities that it represents. From the purest of blue, to blue greens, pinks, red, and “champagne” color, there is something for nearly every color preference!

Another stone for which we are passionate is the opal. Sourced in Australia, each gem  is a work of art before we set hand to it. From the blazing reds and oranges to the Caribbean blues and greens, the opal can display it all. And not only are the colors unique, but the plays of color are equally awe-inspiring.

Pearls are a gift from the seas. We enjoy the allure of the Tahitian pearls, the warmth of the South Sea golds, and the beautiful pastels of the freshwater pearls. Also unique to some of the pearls we have sourced, is the range of organic shapes and contours.

For over a decade, we have shown our work throughout the country at fine art exhibits. During our travels, we have seen some amazing places, and met the most incredible people. We never stop being in awe of the time people take to talk with us about our work and to share life stories. We are honored when they choose to make a piece of ours, their own. Our work has commemorated many special occasions and sometimes “just because”. Our minds and hearts our filled with stories of these celebratory times.

We invite you share in the passion.